8 social media tasks you can do in 10 minutes to grow your business


Last week I made a concentrated effort to improve my own social media presence. It's so easy when you're in the thick of running your own business to let your social sites stagnate and that's absolutely what I'd done.

But it wasn't easy.

I still had to fit my activity around my main priority, my lovely clients, which takes up the majority of my days. It's been difficult, but I've been determined and as a result, I *think* I've found a rhythm that works for me.

As a starting point, I drilled right down to focus on just two social channels; Instagram and Twitter. Dedicating time to all the channels I own (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn) just felt too overwhelming. So I considered which ones I really wanted to make work for my business and put my focus completely on them.

Then, instead of trying to find half a day to dedicate to my social channels, I decided to break it up into small 10 minute chunks of time. There's always 10 minutes that you could have spent getting lost in a YouTube hole or scrolling fashion content on Instagram that could be better spent.

And I decided to utilise that time.

If you want to work harder on your social media presence but have limited time, this list of eight social media tasks you can do in 10 minutes to grow your business is for you.

1. Interact, interact, interact

This is probably the most valuable way to use your 10 minutes. Like, comment on, share content of and follow accounts that embody your ideal audience.

If you have a decent level of interaction already, reply to comments and questions directed towards your business. If you don't, find new accounts and tell them you love their stuff!

The purpose of this? To build trust and relationships with your community in order to grow your presence and cultivate an engaged following of people that want to buy things from you.

2. Take a view of your analytics

Log into the analytics of your social accounts and dive straight into your updates. Look at which types of post performed the best in the last month and use that data to positively impact your future strategy.

If your posts tied around engagement (where you ask questions and encourage follower participation) have performed the best, make sure you schedule more of these. If your promotional posts are getting very few likes, mix up the copy you use.

Spending just five minutes in your social analytics will teach you a few invaluable lessons that can be implemented when you have a bit more time to work on the overall focus of your strategy.

 3. Brainstorm

Spend 10 minutes brainstorming new ideas. Whether it's of images to take for Instagram or how to get even more traffic out of a well-performing blog post, dedicating time specifically to brainstorming can give you some fantastic results.

If you're not sure where to begin, this article on seven techniques for better brainstorming is a good place to start. 

4. Blog post captions

Write a variety of different captions to support your latest blog post on social media. As blog posts are time intensive to create, you need to make sure you're promoting each one multiple times to get it noticed.

You don't want to use the same caption every time however, as people will get bored and scroll past on auto pilot.

Some ideas of things you can say are: pull out a quote from the post, use a question that the post answers and state one key takeaway that your audience will get from the post.

5. Post an Instagram story or Facebook live

If you have a quick ten minutes, go and have a chat with your followers. Use Instagram stories or Facebook Live to record a short video that'll be helpful to your audience.

It could be about anything, from quick tips on how to style different body types to chatting about the latest journalling trend to hit Instagram. Whatever your industry, you will be able to find something to talk about.

If you're scared of getting on camera, a short 10 minute video is a great way to find your video sweet spot without too much pressure.

 6. Get pinning

A great way to spend 10 minutes on your business is to hop on Pinterest.

Pinterest is known for being a huge driver of website traffic, so anytime you spend on there won't be wasted. In 10 minutes you can get a decent amount of new pins added to your profile which drives your followers to your website.

 7. Read

If you don't want to do anything practical, spend 10 minutes reading blog posts or news stories about how you can grow your social media presence.

A great way to find relevant articles quickly is to add notable news sources or blogs to a Twitter list. That way, you aren't wasting time finding something to read and you know that what you read is going to be legitimate and full of genuinely useful information.

 8. Update your profiles

Are your profile pictures old? Have your bio's not been updated in a year? In 10 minutes you can give your social profiles a nice little refresh and update.

Social media practices are always changing. For example, Instagram recently built capability that allows you to link other profiles and hashtags in your bio. All businesses should be updating their profiles to make the most of changes like this and it's a great use of ten minutes if you're wanting to give your social media profiles a little refresh.

If you're not sure how you can make your bio better, this article on how to write the perfect social media bio should be helpful.

I hope you find these eight social media tasks you can do in 10 minutes to grow your business helpful. You don't have to do everything at once, they all work as stand alone strategies so take your time to work through the list or pin the image for later.

Let's have a chat in the comments - which of these tasks do you think you'll find easiest to fit into your routine? Which will you be trying first? Let me know if there are any you would like to read more about!