6 simple business blog post ideas for beginners

blog post ideas for beginners

I know from experience that the first blog post is often the hardest.

Maybe you’ve told yourself that 2018 is the year you’ll finally tackle the blog section of your website, which hasn’t been updated for years. Or perhaps you’re a new business who knows the power of blogging but doesn’t really know what to say.

Regardless of your situation, it’s never easy to tackle the first post. So I’m here to share my tried and tested ideas to hopefully help you get that elusive first post nailed.

1. The introductory blog post

This one is probably the most obvious. Although you may already have a group of committed buyers who know your brand, products and services inside out, they aren’t the people you want to target with your blog.

You want to be hitting the people who don’t know they need your stuff, and an introductory blog post is a good way to get them.

The premise is simple, share who you are, what you do and what they can expect from your blog moving forward. Will it be full of aspirational living ideas, quirky and shareable lists that your audience can relate to or in-depth advice that will help them reach their own goals?

Let them know what they are getting, and why they should keep checking back.

It helps your audience understand more about you and your business and gives you a good foundation to build further blog post content from. It’s also an easy topic, one that you know inside out, so it should help you get into the swing of blogging quicker.

2. The competition blog post

One of the best blog post ideas for beginners is to kick things off with a competition or offer. There are many different ways you can approach this one. From a 10% discount code to a social media competition, consider your goals and tailor a unique offering to achieve it.

Whatever your it is, make sure you position this as a something special for your readers to celebrate the launch of your blog, so they continue to associate it with positive things.

It sets you off on the right foot. By offering your readers something back straight away, you're setting a precedent for why it might be worth their while to read your blog on the regular.

If they know there might be exclusive blog offers available to them, and they like what your business is selling, they’ll be compelled to keep a look out for your content in the future.

3. The topical blog post

Another great way to give your blog a strong start is to discuss something topical. Whether it be a reaction to a story in the news or a post built around an important day, topical posts are a good way of showing you mean business with your blog.

For example, if you sell wedding dresses, you could do a round-up of dresses that emulate the trends set out at London Fashion Week. If you sell stationery, you could post a DIY garland for Easter gatherings. If your business is service based, such as a life coach, you could talk about the latest health findings and give your unique perspective on the issue.

If your post is a reaction to something in the news, it shows you’re on the cusp of what’s happening in your industry. If you’re writing a post tied to an important date such as Valentine’s Day or Easter, you're talking about something that people want to read. Either way, it’s a good way to establish your blog as a place to go for current, quick information and helpful advice.

4. The blog post all about the ‘why’

Similar to the introductory post, the ‘why’ blog post is all about the ethos of your brand. This is particularly powerful for businesses that have emotive stories or are rooted in charitable giving. Delving deep into why you do what you do is a great way to get readers connecting with your business on a deeper level.

For example, if you started your environmentally friendly wedding decor business because on your own big day you struggled to find eco-friendly options, that’s a story to tell.

If your business has an emotional narrative, get out there and tell people because we all connect with, and want to buy into, something we believe in.

Using your brand story as the basis for your first blog post is a great way to connect with readers right off the bat. Using the above example, the target readers would all be brides who care about the impact their buying habits have on the environment, so you can see how they would connect deeply with this ‘why’.

Once you’ve hooked them in with a story they believe in, they are much more likely to come back to see what else you have to say.

5. The FAQ blog post

This is a great first post if one of your main blogging aims is to have a place where you can educate your customers. More commonly found in service-based businesses, blogs can be a great space to answer frequently asked questions your customers are always asking.

Better yet, they can also be used to keep your readers abreast of new trends or industry regulations that might affect them.

FAQ’s are great because they help your readers find exactly what they need, and they act as long-lasting content on your website. The post can be updated as and when new questions get asked and you can even post a link on the about page of your website to keep driving traffic to the post.

6. The influencer blog post

Arguably the most time-intensive of all the blog post ideas for beginners, the influencer post involves you interviewing someone in your industry, or of interest to your readers, and including a profile piece on your blog.

The benefits? Getting an expert on board instantly sets your blog apart and shows that you intend to share high-quality, engaging and valuable information in your online space. The negatives? For new businesses, it might be hard to get influencers on board but having established connections in your industry could work in your favour.

In short, you should do what feels right for you. If you want to start with a bang, a competition is a perfect idea, if you want to ease customers in and give them an insight into your ethos and brand, a simple ‘hello, this is us’ introductory post will go a long way.

If you’re still unsure about how to start and maintain your business blog, a deeper dive will serve you right. I offer a content mastermind service where I provide you with titles, keyword research and outlines for your blog posts for as long as you need them. Head over to my work with me page to find out more!