5 easy ways to increase email click through rates

Increase email click through rates

I was inspired to write this blog post about how to increase email click through rates after doing some analysis of results for one of my customers.

After implementing a new email marketing strategy six months ago I found that their average email click through rate had increased from 0.7% to 7%. Baring in mind that MailChimp lists the average for their industry as 2.16%, it appeared that my tactics were working.

I took some time to consider what exactly it was that was getting such good results, and decided it would make the basis of a good blog post, so here we go!

1. Create consistency

Before you do anything, you need to think about how often you want to send emails out to your mailing list. Having a clear plan for when and what you're sending will give you deadlines to hit and a better chance of creating content consistently.

Having a plan also means that your customers get used to seeing your name in their inbox. For example, the first email newsletter I created for the aforementioned customer had a click through rate of just 1%. Four months later - after consistently sending the email at the same time every month - that had increased to 7%.

Why? Because the customers got used to receiving, and getting value from the newsletter, and so were more inclined to trust and click it. Don't over saturate your readers with relentless emails either, contacting them every day is a sure fire way to make them hit the unsubscribe button.

2. Offer an exclusive incentive

One of the first things I did for my client was negotiate an email-only incentive. This works for both B2B and B2C businesses and shows the audience there's value to clicking the email. Don't over do it by offering an incentive in every single email, make them count. If you can tie it around a world event or special time of year then that's even better still.

Some examples of incentives you can consider include:

  • A discount on certain products or services

  • Free delivery on an order of a certain value

  • A free gift with every order

  • A resource or guide ( this works better for B2B businesses but can be successful in consumer focused businesses too)

  • Exclusive content

My advice would be to pick one incentive a month to roll with, so you always have something unique and special to offer your subscribers. Over time they will start to trust your emails as being beneficial and click-worthy to them.

3. Include clear calls to action

The calls to action you include in your emails are super important. There's a difference between a simple 'click here' and a more action-oriented 'Save 10% today'. Out of the two, most people would be more likely to click the latter.

Some tips for writing click-worthy calls to action are:

  • Use powerful command words such as: save, shop, order, download or subscribe

  • Outline the benefit to the customer such as: save 10%, get a free consultation, download your free ebook

  • Play on urgency such as: shop today to save 10% on all purchases

  • Play on emotion such as: download this free guide to start your weight loss journey today

4. Use urgent, but non-threatening language

One of the best ways to encourage your customers to click through on your email is to give them a time limit. This is especially effective when it's combined with a sale or offer, as it gives them a deadline through which to make the most of your kindness.

Sharing an anytime offer could mean your email gets read and left for another day - a day that never comes. Putting a deadline on it incites action because after a certain amount of time, the action won't be possible any more.

Make sure the language is urgent but not too aggressive. There's nothing worse than emails that make you feel pressured to do something straight away. So keep it time-sensitive but soft.

5. Keep it simple

Overcomplicated email marketing is never effective. It's best to make sure that each email you send gets right to the point. If you're sending out an offer, make sure the focus of the email is the offer. Don't oversaturate it with offers, blog posts, news and more.

A simple approach, with a really well-written call to action is much more likely to encourage people to click. 

6. Educate your readers

Obviously, every email you send can't be an offer, so when you just want to keep in touch with your audience, consider what else you can share. Sharing educational content that is genuinely useful to your readers is the best way to do this.

Remember to keep it simple and targeted so that you don't lose your readers. The best way to do it is to tie the email in with something on your website. For example, if you have a blog post with 10 top trends to wear this season, tease it in the email and ask readers to click through to read the full list.

This also works particularly well with video content, with the email containing a simple overview and an invitation to click through to watch the full video.

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